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Masada Charter School
To Unleash the Learning Power of Students
Group of students and two adults stand outside

PRISM - Parent Involvement

PRISM stands for Parent Resources In Service of Masada.

PRISM is comprised of all parents in the Masada community, including parents and grandparents of children attending school, parents “to be," and any other adults who desire to assist Masada with the development and education of the students.

Leadership Committee Parents

Chairman: Alma Jessop
Secretary: Rachel Zitting
Inventory Manager: Rachel Kelsch
Treasurer: Susan Williams
Teacher Rep.: Melissa Zitting
Movie Manager: Holly Horsley
Graphics Design: Melissa Rain
Leadership Member: Marla Zitting
Leadership Member: Sharon Zitting
Leadership Member: Kristin Hammon
Leadership Member: Tammy Timpson
Leadership Member: Holly D Timpson
Leadership Member: Maylen Roberts

Masada Staff Representative

Teacher: Melissa Zitting