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Masada Uniform Dress Code

The learning community of Masada Charter School has expressed strong support for the establishment of a uniform dress code. In order to be responsive to that concern and also provide a more productive learning environment, the Masada Charter School Governing Board has adopted a uniform dress code for all students. This uniform dress code consists of:

Elementary Uniform Dress Code

Boys (K–6)

  • Black Pleated Style Pants: French Toast #1005
  • White or Burgundy Shirt: Can be Oxford or knit Polo style, French Toast #1007, 1017, 1014
  • Black Belt
  • Black or Grey Socks
  • Black or Navy Slipper Shoe: For use in the school building only. Shoe must have a sole and a back enclosure. No alternate colors. Shoe can be found at Walmart, Payless, Kmart, etc.
  • V-Neck Burgundy Cardigan Sweater: French Toast (source code #QS47EUC)

Girls (K–5)

  • Jumper Burgundy Plaid (#54): Length must be below the knee, French Toast #1047 or 1687.
  • White Long Sleeve Blouse: Picot collar knit polo or Peter Pan style, French Toast #1115, 1034, or 1056.
  • White Tights
  • Black Shoes: Shoes can be buckle or tie, no logos or colors on shoes.
  • Crew-Neck Burgundy Cardigan Sweater
  • Burgundy Cross Tie

Girls (6)

  • Box Pleated Skirt

Junior High Uniform Dress Code

You can download a copy of our junior high dress code below. These documents include the Formal Dress Code that is used for project class presentations at the Junior High.

Girls (7–9)

Blouses: Required

  • A long sleeve uniform blouse with a collar can be a three-button placket pullover.
  • Acceptable colors: white, burgundy, light blue, pink, yellow, navy, or black.
  • French Toast #: 1115, 1280, 1033, 1034, 1032, 1056, 1007.
  • Hallcloset code #: 8306, 8706, 519, 513, 9266

Skirts: Required

  • A-line skirt made by Lola Zitting mid-calf or full length.
  • Long skirt with back pleated panel from French Toast. Previous Hannah Lise skirts are still acceptable if mid-calf or full length.
  • Acceptable colors: black, khaki, navy, or grey.
  • The Lola Zitting is Masada A-line.
  • French Toast #: 1373

Socks: Required

  • Trouser sock that are knee high or pantyhose/tights are acceptable.
  • Ankle style socks allowed if worn with leggings or nylons, matching in color.
  • Socks may be skin-colored, white, navy, grey, brown, or black.

Shoes: Required

  • Any style of dress or sport shoe with a back is acceptable.
  • White, black, grey, brown are acceptable, but the shoe must be one color.
  • A different sole is okay, but no mixed colors on top of shoe or laces.

Leggings: Optional

  • Plain style and any fabric is acceptable as long as it is a solid (matching) color.
  • Black, brown, navy, grey, nude, or white are acceptable.

Jacket, Sweater, or Hoodie: Optional

  • Lightweight, solid-colored pullovers, button or zipper style jacket or hoodie is acceptable. A Black MCS hoodie or honor roll hoodie is okay.
  • Sweater must be navy, burgundy, and the hoodie or jacket must be black.

Required Formal Uniform:

  • White button-front; uniform blouse, tie(optional); black uniform skirt; knee socks, tights, or nylons; and  black dress shoes. 

    Boys (7–9)

    Shirts: Required

    • A long sleeve uniform shirt with a collar.
    • Acceptable colors: White, burgundy, black, yellow, navy, light blue, or pink. 
    • French Toast #: 1007, 1017, 1014.
    • Hallcloset code #: 8306, 8706, 529

    Pants: Required

    • Dress Pant. No cargo, baggy, or oversized style.
    • Acceptable colors: black, khaki, navy, or grey.
    • French Toast's codes #: 1005F
    • Hallcloset Code #: 7000, 7001, 7002, 7022, 7047, 7007

    Socks: Required

    • Trouser socks. No ankle styles.
    • Acceptable colors: brown, navy, grey, or black. No white socks.

    Shoes: Required

    • Any style of dress or sport shoe.
    • Acceptable colors: white, black, grey, brown. Must be one color. If the color is different from the sole, that is okay, but no mixed colors on the top of the shoe or laces.

    Belts: Required

    • No studs, logos, or colorful designs.
    • Acceptable colors: black, brown, or grey.

    Jacket, Sweaters, or Hoodie: Optional

    • Lightweight, solid-colored, button, pullover, or zipper-style jacket or hoodie. A Black MCS hoodie or honor roll hoodies are okay also. 
    • Acceptable colors: burgundy or navy. Hoodie must be black. 

    Formal Uniform:

    • White button-front shirt, tie, black uniform pants, black socks, black dress shoes.

    All Junior High Students

    • No logos, flashing lights, or colorful designs on shoes, socks, or clothes.
    • No denim.
    • No casual sandal shoes or flip-flops. Boots are allowed during inclement weather (white, black, or brown with no mixed colors).
    • All outfits need to consist of contrasting colors. No same color combinations.
    • We will ask any student out of uniform to go home to get in uniform.

    Uniform Websites: Both websites have a specific page to order Masada's uniforms.

    Basic Measurements

    JARA A-Line Skirts

    Skirts need to be ordered either online or by phone. Youth sizes must be requested. For youth sizes, please order the size that your girl is currently wearing. Youth sizes will be arriving a little after school starts.

    Acceptable colors are navy, khaki, black, or grey.