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Masada Charter School
To Unleash the Learning Power of Students
Group of students and two adults stand outside

Guiding Principles

We incorporate five guiding principles into our educational philosophies to create a challenging and enriching learning environment for all students: 

  1. Every student can learn, and it is our responsibility to facilitate a process that identifies his/her individual learning style and creates the intrinsic motivation needed to empower the student to strive to do his/her personal best.
  2. Learning best takes place in a "small school" environment where educators, students, and parents share a common set of values and beliefs that provide a consistent focus.
  3. Academic excellence and personal growth can best be achieved through the combined efforts and direct involvement of students, educators, parents, and the community in the learning process.
  4. Best practices for delivering instruction are constantly evolving. The staff at Masada Charter School is committed to modeling lifelong learning by actively pursuing and implementing more effective means of instruction as those means are identified and proven valid.
  5. The quest for academic excellence fosters a lifestyle where students develop the inner resources and individual responsibility needed to live purposeful lives, meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, and contribute positively to family, work, and society.