Governing Board
Our Mission Statement

Our Governing Board consists of seven members appointed by the Corporate Board of Masada Charter School. The Corporate Board has the option to re-appoint new members every two years. Each member has committed him/herself to support and achieve the mission, guiding principles, and goals of Masada Charter School. Please meet our current Governing Board:


Linda Chatwin
Don D. Timpson
Chris Holm
Joseph Hammon
Marlene Hammon
Barbara Knudson
Lorin K. Zitting

Vice President
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Parent Member
Parent Member






Board Meeting Agendas

Pursuant to ARS 38-431.02, Masada Charter School hereby states that we will post all notices of the public meetings of Masada Charter School at three separate locations: the Academy at 255 West Cannon Avenue in Centennial Park, Bee’s Market at 1725 South Central Street, the Mohave Community College at 480 South Central Street in Colorado City, as well as on Masada’s website. You can view our current and previous agendas below. Older agendas can be viewed in our archives.

Board Policy Approval Includes:
  • Operation Oversight
  • Budget Approval
  • Approval of Curriculum, Guiding Principles, and Goals
  • Guidance for Administrative Team in Appointing Committees
  • Approval of Personnel Employment and Dismissal Recommendations
  • Sponsor & Partner Relations
  • Evaluation & Compensation of Administrative Team